Our Process


First comes a
loose sketch, idea

We look at the assignment or the "problem. Seek to understand its scope, you target audience and the constraints. Potential design solutions or variations are created. Ideas are created through brainstorming, sketching ideas, adapting a tried-and-tested design that already exists.

Then the idea
turns into design

After generating a few potential solutions during the previous stage, you can choose one or two best ideas to develop further, to provide a better starting point for selection. These ideas are turned into design that will then be tested.


Realization and
development is next

The best design version will be taken further. Develop the actual product for example for a brochure add the final copy and images.

Presentation and
final touches

In this stage developed products are implemented and required revisions are done to fit for perfect purpose. For any company, this final stage is one where the team learns from what has happened during the design process, where we might seek feedback from our clients or customers.

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