CourseAdvanced Digital Marketing Course
Digital Marketing Advanced Course - 3 Months

Unlock Your Potential in Digital Marketing with our Advanced Course and Internship Program!

Key highlights of the course

Course Syllabus

The following topics in our syllabus are created keeping by subject-professional keeping in mind the industry requirements and expectations. 

Chapter 1

Unit 1: Introduction to Digital Marketing.

Unit 2: Introduction to Search Engine Optimization.

Unit 3: Introduction to Search Engine Marketing.

Unit 4: Campaign Planning.

Unit 5: Introduction to e-commerce

Chapter 2

Unit 1: Creating Marketing Content

Unit 2: Copywriting

Unit 3: Canva, Vistacreate, Freepik, Pawtoon

Unit 4: Social Media Handling

Unit 5: Operational Risk Management

Chapter 3

Unit 1: Affiliate Marketing

Unit 2: Presentation Making

Unit 3: Professional mail writing

Unit 4: Resume making

Unit 5: Interview skill & communication skill

Chapter 4

Unit 1: Facebook & Instagram Ads

Unit 2: Google Ads

Unit 3: Search Engine Algorithms

Unit 4: Analytics

Unit 5: Conversion Rate Optimization

Chapter 5

Unit 1: Email Marketing

Unit 2: Online Reputation Management

Unit 3: WordPress website & e-commerce making.

Unit 4: Media Planning

Unit 5: Search Engine Optimization

Chapter 6

Unit 1: Business Idea Creation- Assignment

Unit 2: Brand Building- Assignment

Unit 3: Website or e-Commerce Making- Assignment

Unit 4: Social Media Management- Assignment

Unit 5: Product or Service Selling- Assignment

Rs 30,000

Tools You'll Learn

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