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Flutter: the framework for cross-platform applications

Flutter is an open-source software development kit which enables smooth and easy cross-platform mobile app development. Without needing to write the code for the iOS and Android apps individually, you can easily create high-quality natively generated apps for both platforms. One codebase will do for both systems.

What is Flutter ?

Building apps cost a lot of money when Objective C/Swift and Java/Kotlin were the two main languages used for mobile development. You needed to create two distinct apps, which required doing the job twice.

A number of frameworks have been developed for the creation of hybrid (or cross-platform) apps in HTML5 and Javascript in order to address this issue. The Flutter framework has rapidly gained popularity among developers, businesses, entrepreneurs, and users among cross-platform toolkits like Phonegap, Xamarin, React Native, and others.

Using a single codebase, Flutter is a portable UI toolkit for creating native-like apps for mobile, web, and desktop. It integrates Material Design and Cupertino widgets and makes use of the Dart programming language. Developers using Flutter can produce stunning user interfaces that feel and look native. Despite the fact that you just have one codebase, it functions normally on all platforms.

The only framework with a mobile SDK that offers a responsive design without a Javascript bridge is Flutter, which achieves a level of speed comparable to that of its cousin and main competition React Native. The many platforms, including Android, iOS, and Linux, MAC, Windows, and Google Fuchsia applications, are all simply integrated.

What is Flutter used for?

Without having to create a separate codebase for each platform, Flutter is one of the finest ways to create apps for both Android and iOS. These apps’ smartphone versions are created specifically for each platform before being released and work as true native apps on Apple and Android smartphones. They don’t require a browser or a runtime module. It is also feasible to develop native Windows, Linux, and macOS programs as well as web apps for browsers using the same codebase.

Flutter is used by well-known e-commerce service providers including eBay, Groupon, and Alibaba Group to deliver their mobile and online apps a unified appearance. 

Google itself uses Flutter for several modules of the Google Assistant and for the user interface of the Google Home hub.

What programming language is Flutter based on?

The Dart programming language, which was also created by Google, forms the foundation of the Flutter SDK. Its goal is to displace traditional JavaScript. Programs written in Dart can be launched directly on a server, but on a browser, they must be transcompiled into JavaScript using the Dart2js tool.

Direct Dart development is used to create applications for Google’s upcoming Fuchsia platform. It has a structure that is reminiscent of popular object-oriented programming languages like Java or C#.

Widgets Are Everything: The Flutter Principle

Flutter is a widget-based technology. This implies that every element can benefit from object-oriented programming. The simplicity with which widgets can be changed or customized when utilizing Flutter is one of its advantages. Additionally, it offers UI widgets that adhere to important web application design standards.

Since its debut, the open-source framework Flutter has acquired a sizable and engaged developer community. This community continuously disseminates helpful code samples and aids programmers in making fresh, creative, stunning cross-platform applications.

Benefits of creating apps with Flutter

Over its rivals, Flutter has many benefits. These benefits are built into the programming language and the collection of development tools, enabling Flutter to address problems that other languages are unable to handle.

  1. One codebase for all platforms.
    The days of writing separate code bases for iOS and Android smartphones are long gone. Because of Flutter’s code reuse capabilities, you can create just one codebase and utilize it across several platforms, including the web, desktop, Android, and iOS. This allows you to deploy your software considerably quicker, removes costs, and drastically reduces development time.

  2. “It’s all Widgets” principle offers countless possibilities.
    There are endless options with the “It’s all Widgets” philosophy.

  3. Rich libraries.
    The Skia Graphics Library, an efficient and established open-source graphics library, is used by Flutter. When a view changes, the user interface is redrew. The outcome? a seamless and speedy app experience.

  4. Fast testing with hot reload.
    The hot reload function speeds up app development significantly. With Flutter, you can see any change you make to the code without having to reload the application. Your program is simple to modify in real time, giving you additional opportunities to experiment with the code and address errors as they arise.

Apps developed on Flutter

The development of apps using Flutter is becoming more and more popular. Nowadays, a lot of top firms like Alibaba, Yandex, Airbnb, Uber, eBay, and others use Flutter to create apps. Here is a list of the best Flutter applications.

Your next steps for developing Flutter apps?

Rangin Technology has created numerous apps in the Flutter framework. Using Flutter, we have created top-notch utility apps, product distribution apps, booking apps for services, and healthcare apps. We are skilled practitioners despite the technology’s very recent existence!

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